Monday, November 16, 2009

My Zachary was born 9 Years Ago Today!!!!

This little boy has made me smile for nine years. He's made me laugh 'til I cried and cry 'til I laughed. Thank you, Zachary, for choosing me as your mom nine sweet years ago.

God gave us this little boy to teach us about patience and understanding. Thank you, God, for answering my prayers.

I am so very proud of this sweet, smart, funny, beautifully-goofy boy for the person he has become.
I love you, Zachie!


Oatsvall Team said...

i saw your comment on my bff's blog and i had to come over and comment that i will be praying as you pick a country to adopt from ... what a sweet journey it will be !!!

Jodi Widhalm said...

I happened upon your blog via a post on Suzanne Myernick's blog, "The Journey". It seems we have several things in common...My name is Jodi, 36, mother of 3 boys - 2, 4 and 7. My boys, also, have started asking "when is our sister coming". We've discussed adoption on and off for a while and it has resurfaced again in the past several months. We've read and researched Africa, which is how I found Amazima and the Oatsvalls and Myernicks. We waffle back and forth almost daily about when to send in the application and exactly which agency and country to pursue. I think we've decided on Ethiopia, although my heart is so drawn to Amazima and Uganda....I have no idea how God is going to work this out. We certainly do not have even a portion of the expenses it will take. However, it definately is a new and exciting (scary-nerve wracking) journey. I'm glad I found you and will be looking forward to seeing how you and your family are doing!
Many Blessings!

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