Saturday, June 22, 2013


i am praying today for things as little as baseball games and as big as forest fires..... 
to things as small as obedient children to things as big as a baby being born.
 today i will pray for my relationships....with our families and with each other and with friends.
 i will pray for broken promises and hardened hearts and resentments built. 
i will pray that love is found in a place of despair and anger and loneliness. 
i will pray and praise for the lost who are found and the children in families and the endless kisses given.
it feels like a great day to pray....

you know my heart, you know my needs,
you know every part of me.
so even if it's just to speak Your name.

lifting my hands......

i'm gonna pray.


momintraining said...

I hope everything is okay, friend!

momintraining said...

Hope everything is okay, friend!

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