Wednesday, July 11, 2012

life's just a beach

there's a feeling 
when summer feels as though it's just begun 
because the big things are behind us....
and it's time to relax.

 the feeling when nothing else matters but the water
and the sand
and your friends.

it just feels good to throw someone overboard 
and be able to laugh about it.

 and not having anything else to worry about......
like getting pink dresses 

and what you catch on your line makes no difference at all

siblings see things from the same perspective

and we make new buddies over the catch of the day


and life seems like one-big-splashy-ride

when winning isn't important for the first time


and being buried is actually freeing and satisfying

and then the sun goes down,
but not without pizzazz 

and friends are still around

then the next day....

you do it all over again

with a smile.


1 comment:

Captain Murdock said...

and then your friend murders you in your sleep cus she's so jealous of your beach vaca and how good you look in a bikini after all those kids. oh wait, just kidding :)

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