Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rapid Valley Rocks!!!

This week I took some of our adoption tees to the kids' schools for a couple of teachers that were interested.  I left with $650 dollars in sales!!!!  Then I kept receiving phone calls for more, so within the last two days of school I sold $200 MORE!!!  Here are some picts of the lovely ladies sporting my creation in lieu of our adoption journey.  Thank you Rapid Valley teachers and staff--you're the greatest!!!

These "girls" (Mrs. Ketterling & Mrs. Junclaus) are Cole's teachers from 4th & 5th grade Multiage.  All three of my boys think they are pretty great stuff.  

This is Janet (secretary), Mrs. Kwasniewski (school nurse), Mrs. Claussen (Kind teacher), and Miss Billie (preschool teacher).

 more school staff looking marvelous!

 and Mrs. Comes and one of her students, Taylor.

 I was so overwhelmed with their generosity and support for our adoption.
  I hope they know they are all loved!


Carin said...

What a blessing for your family to have such great support! Your shirts are amazing also!! By the way love love love the green one!

Julie said...

So glad the school was supportive of you and that you raised so much money! One step closer.... And I just LOVE my tee. I received it today and I think it will fit perfectly. It does run very very big, so a S is just right. Thank you so much. God's blessings on your journey.

Amy said...

VERY cool and what a blessing to have your children be a part of such a supportive school!

love said...

how wonderful!!

i've been meaning to get one of these. are the green still available?

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