Wednesday, December 16, 2009

crying AGAIN!!!!

Is it strange that I cry every time I read another blogger's story about their African adoption? Every comment I leave says how I'm in tears about their stories. What a great thing when I'm so emotionally wrapped up in the fact that within the next year (or two) we will bring our little girl home. I love those little faces that are already "home" and have an idea of what it took to get them there. These people are all so fascinating to me. It's this blogging thing....
I LOVE my blog......I love the fact that I can connect with soo many families that I don't even know, but have something in common with. I love the fact that I can connect with people that I do know, and maybe don't even talk to anymore, and everyone in the world can know what I'm up to on a given week, if they really care. :0). I love that I can write anything that I want and express my feelings about anything that's important to me and I will always have it to go back and look at. And I can post things like this that I think are REALLY important......

Luke got a stool and just stood up on it. When I asked what he was doing he said, "I just wanted to see how big the nails were". Just outta the blue.
This little boy just wants Jesus for Christmas.

And again, I'm crying.......
I even cry at my own blog! :0)

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Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

Kendra, I just stopped by your blog for the first time...I saw the comment you left on "Our Walk By Faith" and had to leave you a comment... I totally understand the pressure you are feeling about picking an agency. It was so hard for us as well! We struggled with whether or not to go with a large agency or a small agency...we decided on a small agency (Arise) and have been very happy so far. It has been a blessing to be able to get on the phone and speak to the director (at length) about what is going on in Ethiopia at any given time. I also love the Christian emphasis of our agency and the work they are doing in Ethiopia. I was also touched when I read that your comment said something about your husband. My husband was NOT on board for a long time... I can only say that, God really can move mountains! It is incredible for me to say that our dossier is submitted and in 2010 we will be traveling to pick up our daughter!!! Wow! Good luck on your journey!

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